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possibleetrack of a noreasttr and what it could brrng our way. and... three things youucan do ffeling the pinch. without - 3 3 3 tuesday, november 6th. &
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3 speak on this election daa... and according to the most recent polls... the race for thh white houue is going to be a close one. ooe.mmgan gilliland is here numbers at this hour. thh polls show it's very ccose. it could beea long night... if not longerr.. before aa official winner is announced.
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politiis averagg of polls... with a slight lead ver repuulican mitt romney.3 of show obama ahead.2 olls show romney ahead.and 3 includiig theemost recent poll... actually show the race tied. theee's no question that these final hours are crucial for &pthe presidential candidates.. as thhy present closing arguments on the campaign trail. "does raising taxes put people to work? (no!) how abbut his avalanche of new regulations, does that hhlp small businesses? (no!) how about his plan to require companies to have unions whether he employees want to vote for them or not -- carddcheck, does that create jobs? (no!) you passed the test.""and if you're willing to work with me again, and knock on some doors with me, make some phooe calls for me, turn out at the polls for me, we'll win wisconsin,
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meann winning he electorrl - are some key ssing states that could deccde the election. i'll show you who's leading in each of those swing states at this point... coming up next half hour.i'm meganngilliland, foo45 morning news. the first ballots cast in the u-s... haveealready beee counte. counttd.the polls in the small town of dixville notch, new hhmpshire opened just after mid. midnight.pressdent ooama and mitt romney eech receeved ive votes.reeidents ave been voting aa midnight since 19- 68... but the tie is a first. another small new hampshire voted at midnight.the result there was obama 23, romney 9. election day is not what it used to be. instead of one day for millions to cast states offer early voting onn many days. and in marylaad more than 430 thousand otees have alleady cast their ballots. ballots. itts nearly twice
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the number of arly voters as today?? joel d. smith is live at polliig site in cockeysville with more on the expected turnout, and the best times to avoid lines. good morning joel d. good morning guys. success ...for maryland.... / officials... say... about.... 555percent of peoole ... wwll... come out vvte today... polling sstes ... will be m..../// officials ay.... to... avoid having... to stand long lines ...// come... before your lunch hour.... ///... the later it expected to show up at the pools. alls, toostreaaline your time here,... know how you are going to vote... wiih questions, seeate seats, and of course the presidential election... ttis is a long ballot this yearr 3 there are atleast 20 questions
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on the ballot and if voters wwuld read over that rom the sample ballot and be repared it will be a very shhrt wwit." pait."remember in maryland voters are not required to show i-d. all you have to give is your name, address and date 3 3 3 coming up next hall hour a ccntroversial questions on thee ballot that is bound to drive up turnout. live in cockeysville, oel d. smith, fox 45 morning ews. 3 thh independent candidate in accused of a árrbocallá violati. violation.:27 so don't waste u-- senate..thanks for i foo listening beep beep :36 p36don bonginn'sscampaignn uploaded thisscall to you-tube.
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pongino says wiihin an hour... rob sobhani's campaign haa reworked t to include an authority line... whhch is (bongiio) 11:40 :07 you're not allowed to call people's homes with anonymous robo calls make misllading and in this ase outwardly false accusations but then not say who the call ps from. if you're goong to lie you have to man p and take credit for it :23 ((am)12:45:45 all the robo calls ike all the advertising activity we do in the campaignn does have disclaimers i don't kkow f it was inadvertant or sommhow cut off :55 inccmbent ben cardii called sobhani's campaign taacics quote "disappointtng and &pnegative".bongino has filed a complaint with the federal eeection commission. 3 it's been a week since super storm sanddyhit our area... and this morning... there are still thousands of marylanders gaarett county... the storm dumped 2 and a half feee of snow... and boot 32-
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hundred homes are out thhs morning.that's about 14 percent of esidents.the ppwer company says they expeet everrone to be restore by midnight tonight. nearly 1- point--4 million homes ann businesses -- reportedly still without power accoss the northeast. sandy illed more thhn 100 &ppeople in 10 states but unleashed the worst of its fury on newwjersey and new york. chris hoenig has the stor. story. in hard-hit staaen island, new york -- exhausted locals -- coming to terms with a "new normall -- after sandy.many, deeling with great loss.mos says: "i don't have anywhere all the clothes i have on they gave it to mm at the evacuation center."mos says: "42 years i'm at my home and i loos it (crying). can't take it."with temperatures dropping week ... a ánor' easter this - the situation for many has become innreassngly dire. &psantiago saas: "it is cold, &pthere is no wattr, ann it
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is he?) 8 months."fema, how old dispensing close to 200- housing assistancc.aa mann as 40--thoosand new yorkers need a new place to live.cuomo who need ousing solutions righh way and a variety f housing solutions, some short term, some long term"some down dark a week after sandy struck...say thee'll bee -k. worrell says: "(you have hope that you are going to get thru this ok?))yeah, i do, because we see help. if there wassno help then i think we would be someene is ere for us, i ongg - think we will be all riihh." -- u-s marines and national guard troops, distributing aid aad helping residents begin theemassive clean up efffrt. the work continues, as victims another day in long lines for fooo, water and innsome cases, new york, chrrs &phoenig, ox news. the american red cross is pfforts for super storm sandy v.
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viccims.tte rganizaaion has taken in nearly 85 illion which it'ssusing to operate shelters and supply fooo and water to storm victims. coming up on the eerly edittin... an unnsual jesssp home. home..he drrg raid... that turned uppmore than police bargained for. 33 ((brrak 1)) 3
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can the nfl pickkour next president? the redskins think so and they call it the 'redskin rule".according to the rule, if washington loses its last home game before the presidential electton, then the innumment will also lose the election. election. they lost sunday to
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the north carolina panthers 21113. meaning, if the trrnd is accurate,,mitt romney will win. the reddkin rule has been á 2004 when second term. weather)) &p3
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((traffic repooter ad libs)) map 395---40--libertymap 3
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ptill to comee.. trimming costs now... o avoid holiday debt later. laaer.the easyyways to save up in the coming weeks. p3&a drug raad... turns up more
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than marijuana.the exotic animal police stumbleddupon.
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3 first on fox...anne arundel counny police stumbled upon a wild crime scene over the weekend when they went to the home of a suupected drug dealer in jessup.officers say phey founn a 3-foot alligator
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innide.melinda rreder has the suspect's explanation. explanation. inside this quiet subdivision - police say theirr uspect - michaee golden - was dealing drugs.when they went inside this weekend... they conniscated more ttan 150 grams of marijuana... and some other substances - they're sttll testing.but the biggest surprise -- was the exooic creature golden was keeping as a pet.16:45:20 - 16:45::9 "i would definiiely call thiss unusual... three foot american &palligator."17:23:04-17:23:17 "i actually found the alligator... down by the paltimore highlands."golden says his gator -- amed "littll g" -- is not dangerous. &pbut it is illegal. so animal control officers cappured the uncaged pet and took t to an exotic pet facility in western maryland.meentime... golden is
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now facing drug charges.... but he ssys he's no dealer. 17:21:544"there's a lot of police also believv he has ties to a ddngerous prissn gang....16:47:10 "ittappears this indivvddal... sort of tie there."it's another claim golden denies.17:22:37 "the whole situation is very petty... that waan't there." golden ays he'd ike to get the alligator back... butt that's very unlikely. he's facinn drug charges... and charged with illegally keeping the gator inside hs resiience in the first place. strright ahead... stashing cash... for the holiday season. season.the simple savings that can add up tt extra spendiig money.
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it's as much of an american tradition as holiday shopping -- post-holiday deet. but trimming some osts right now can help consumers stash ome cash before black friday. karin caiff rounds up simple expert tips. to find extra caah in your budget between now and black friday -- kiplinger's personal finance has some simple, painless tips.tip number one -- stop paying for ext messages -- and pptentially overagg fees - withha variety of free texting appss you'll tap into all of that throughh messaging on your ppone. free of charge. the only thing you'll have to puttup with are course. tip number two -- dig in your wallet to find and sell unwaated gift cards. kiplinger says he average household has about 300 dollars worth. an online gift card exchange wwn't give the full value of the card, but it's etter ttan nothing.and finally adjust your tax
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withholding ---instead of waiting for theeusual fat refund in the spriig.thht's money thht government, of course, is giving back to you in the ssring. but why let the irs hold on to it all ear long? you coulddbe ssving or investing that money or earning some interest allng worthwhile adventures, such aa holiday gifts. it's as simple as filing a new w-4 form with your employer. the changes can take effect with your next &ppaycheck -- and could put almost 5500dollars n your bank account over the next two months.. for consumer watch, i'm karin caifa. coming up... a icious attack... in road dayyight. daylight.the serious beating in downtown baltimore... that sent a man to shock trauma. 3 bth - dereliction of duty
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at electiio day has arrived. the turnouu in marylann and down. ttnighh on fox 45 news 3t fivee. 3
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3 it's our fox44 "thanks giveaaay" giveaway!"we're giving away morninggnews through thanksgivi. 3 you have 155minutes to call us at 410-481-4545 to claim your p! prize!want to get your name ii the box?go to faaebook

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